Modified Duties Attendant to Parenthood

A tenured or tenure-track faculty member who becomes a parent and has at least co-equal caregiving responsibilities for an infant or adopted infant or toddler is entitled, upon request, to a period of modified duties without a reduction in salary.  This period is designed to permit the faculty member a period of adjustment to the parenting needs of a newly born or adopted child.  Modified duties provide relief from direct teaching responsibilities for an academic semester and must be taken within 12 months of a child joining the family.  The faculty member is expected to fulfill his or her service responsibilities and to maintain research activity.  The faculty member cannot be employed by another institution during the period of modified duties. 

Modified duties are available immediately upon employment in the college. A faculty member may take one term of modified duties for each child added to the family.

A faculty member who wishes to take a period of modified duties should submit a written request to the Associate Dean of Faculty, with a copy to the appropriate department chair.  The request should state the reason for a period of modified duties, the term for which modified duties is being requested, and the responsiibilities the faculty member will continue to perform.

The college will provide the faculty member's department with reasonable resources to replace teaching that is lost through the granting of a term of modified duties.

This policy does not preclude the possibility, in circumstances involving a medically complicated pregnancy, of a faculty person on the advice of her physician requesting sick leave with pay for an extended period not to exceed six months.  The university policy states:

Sick leave may be granted to faculty by the provost or senior vice preseident of the medical center.  Eligible faculty who are totally disabled are entitled to six months' sick leave with pay after which the Long Term Disability Plan, for which the university pays the full cost, becomes operative.  Sick leave with pay for more than six months requires approval by the Board of Trustees.

Sick leave is also requested of the dean through a faculty person's department chair.

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