Japan Studies Minor Requirements

The Japan Studies minor consists of 23 hours of coursework in Japanese language, cultural studies, and contemporary East Asian history, politics, and society. The Japan Studies minor complements existing majors and prepares students with the skills required to work with Japan given its integral place in international business. Students will also become well-versed in the culture and geography of Japan, its history, arts, and environment. This background will prepare students for Japan-related careers in the United States and abroad.

Japanese Language Courses – Complete the following 14 hours:

  • JPN 101 Beginning Japanese I (4 hours)
  • JPN 102 Beginning Japanese II (4 hours)
  • JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I (3 hours)
  • JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II (3 hours)

Japanese Cultural Studies – Complete 6 hours from the following list:

  • GEO/JPN 334 Environment, Society and Economy of Japan (3 hours)
  • ENG 283 Japanese Film (3 hours)
  • ANT/JPN 320 Introduction to Japanese Culture, Pre-Modern to 1868 (3 hours)
  • JPN 321 Introduction to Japanese Culture, Meiji (1868) to Present (3 hours) 

Contemporary East Asian History, Politics, and Society – Complete 3 hours from the following list:

  • HIS 295 East Asia to 1800 (3 hours)
  • HIS 296 East Asia Since 1800 (3 hours)
  • HIS 597 Westerners in East Asia, 1839 to the Present (3 hours)
  • ANT 326 Peoples of East Asia (3 hours)
  • PS 419G The Governments and Politics of Eastern Asia (3 hours)
  • GEO 333 Geography of East Asia (3 hours)
  • COM 525 Organizational Communication (3 hours)
  • JPN 395 Independent Work in Japanese (1-6 hours)
  • JPN 405 Seminar in Japanese and Asian Studies (Subtitle required) (3 hours)
  • GEO/JPN 491G Japanese Landscapes (3 hours)
  • GEO/JPN 551 Japanese Multinational Corporations (3 hours)

Current UK students should consult APEX (located in myUK) and use the ‘Run Selected Program’ feature to identify and monitor progress toward the completion of the minor. Detailed information can also be found in the UK Bulletin.

Students with a primary major in the College of Arts & Sciences can declare the Japan Studies minor in the A&S Advising Center, 257 Patterson Office Tower. Students not in the College of Arts & Sciences must declare the minor with their primary college.

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