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Math Teaching and Learning Seminar

POT 745, or via Zoom
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Dr. Brian P Katz
Speaker: Dr. Brian P Katz, of CSU, Long Beach
Title: Implicit Assumptions in Assessment
Description: Students come to our courses with many beliefs about assessment based on their past experiences, and we bring our own too. My assessments focus on synthesis, which is often unfamiliar to my students and which is built on a perspective about teaching and learning that usually differs from my students' in fundamental ways. If left implicit, these differences in perspective can make assessment ineffective or stressful. In this session, I will attempt to make explicit some of these areas of difference in ways that I think will help students engage in synthesis assessments more effectively and comfortably. Ben Braun has graciously agreed to be a designated respondent to help get the discussion started in the second half of this session.
Dr. Katz will present remotely via Zoom at this link.  If you wish, you can join the seminar in POT 745, to be in person with other attendees.