Lunchtime Series on Diversity and Inclusivity in the Classroom


An A&S lunch time series to provide space for discussion among interested faculty across departments about topics related to inclusivity as well as other topics we encounter in the classroom in A&S. We’ll discuss issues that come up in discussing selected topics, as well as share potential strategies for dealing with issues we identify. Faculty facilitators will provide a short intro as a jumping off point for the discussion, as well as short readings or resources for the discussion.


Sept. 4: Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom

  • Facilitators: Jennifer Cramer (LIN), Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby (MCLLC), Brenna Byrd (MCLLC), and Rusty Barrett (LIN).
  • Time: 12-1
  • Location: POT 245

While many faculty easily recognize the racial, ethnic, class-based, and other forms of discrimination their students face, they often lose sight of the linguistic discrimination in which they themselves may participate. Indeed, biases about the languages or dialects that people speak seem to be some of the last “acceptable” forms of discrimination; they go generally unnoticed by everyone except those who are subjected to them. In this lunchtime discussion, we’ll address these forms of discrimination and discuss ways to mitigate their impact on students in your classes.



Previous Lunchtime Series Topics

Feb. 26: Discussing Race and Migration in the Classroom

  • Facilitators: Cristina Alcalde (GWS) and Anastasia Curwood (AAAS and History)
  • Time: 12:30-2
  • Location: POT 318

We’ll discuss, among other issues participants bring up, topics connected to the short readings “Teaching and the N-word” and “I'm undocumented. It's time to reveal what that actually means”

March 21: Discussing Science and Evolution in the Classroom

  • Facilitators: Julia Ravenscroft (ANT), Heather Worne (ANT), Jim Krupa (BIO), Jeremy Van Cleve (BIO)
  • Time: 12:30-2
  • Location: POT 318

Readings sent via email to participants

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