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Information for Prospective A&S Faculty

Information for new faculty:

Support for Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty

Sabbatical Leave – Sabbatical leave provides opportunities for study, research, creative effort, improvement of teaching capabilities and methods, and related travel. (more)

Fellowship Special Assignment – Faculty may apply for scholarly fellowship leave when awarded a stipend from an external agency, and the award is paid directly to the faculty member and not processed through the University. (more)

Modified Duties Attendant to Parental Leave – A faculty member who becomes a parent and has at least co-equal caregiving responsibilities for an infant or adopted child is entitled, upon request, to a period of modified duties without a reduction in salary. (more)

Automatic Delay of Probationary Periods - A probationary faculty member who becomes a parent of a child or children by birth or adoption or who assumes significant responsibilities with respect to elder or dependent care obligations, or a relative or domestic partner for the purpose of providing care to that person, shall automatically be granted a one-year delay of the probationary period by the dean, upon written notification by the faculty member's department chair to the dean of the college. (more)

Teaching Release for Probationary Faculty – Pending a successful third-year progress review, all probationary faculty appointed in August 2005 and thereafter are eligible for a semester release from teaching without a reduction in salary during their fourth-year of probation. Natural Science and Psychology faculty have the option to take this teaching release during their first year of probation in order to set up research laboratories. The semester teaching release is offered so that probationary faculty may focus single-mindedly on their research responsibilities in the run-up to tenure review.

Summer Support for Probationary Faculty – All probationary faculty appointed in August 2007 and thereafter are eligible for summer salary support for the first summer after their initial year of employment.

Internal Funding Opportunities – View the full list of Internal Funding available to faculty. (more)