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Math Department Graduate Student Awards Information

The UK Mathematics Department gives graduate student awards annually. Every graduate student is automatically considered for every award listed below. For most awards, recipients are selected by the faculty on the Mathematics Graduate Program Committee based on the annual progress reports that students submit in February. Any graduate student who is interested in receiving summer support from the department should apply for a summer Teaching Assistantship, as summer fellowship support awards are not based on any one factor (e.g., seniority, conference talks given, papers submitted, service to the department, etc.), and thus no student is guaranteed to be selected for fellowship support.

Below is a list of the awards given to graduate students, including a brief description of each.

Enochs Scholarship in Algebra

  • The Enochs Scholarship in algebra, established in honor of Professor Edgar Enochs by many friends and doctoral graduates of Professor Enochs, is awarded each year to outstanding
    doctoral students in the field of Algebra.
Mathematics Department Fellowship
  • This award recognizes outstanding research by a doctoral student.

Royster Teaching Assistant Award

  • The Wimberly C. Royster Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award is given to outstanding Teaching Assistants who have completed qualifying examinations and have been teaching assistants for no more than eight semesters.
Carl Lee Excellence in Teaching Award
  • The Carl Lee Excellence in Teaching Award was established to honor Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Dr. Carl Lee, for his dedication to the UK Department of Mathematics for over 38 years until his retirement in 2019, and for his excellence in teaching, research, and mentorship. The Carl Lee Excellence in Teaching Award is given each spring to mathematics graduate teaching assistants who have demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching, qualities that characterize the exemplary career of Dr. Lee.
Cary H. Webb Graduate Award in Mathematics
  • The Cary H. Webb Graduate Award is given each year to support summer research by an outstanding doctoral student working in Mathematics or Price Index Theory in Economics.
Clifford J. Swauger, Jr. Graduate Fellowship
  • The Clifford J. Swauger, Jr. Graduate Fellowship, established by Janice S. Swauger and her children in honor of her husband and their father, Clifford J. Swauger, Jr., is awarded to graduate students in mathematics who will benefit by making progress during the summer toward the Ph.D. degree in Mathematics.

Mary Helen Fuoco Graduate Fellowship in Mathematics

  • The Mary Helen Fuoco Graduate Fellowship in Mathematics, established by Carolyn S. Fuoco Clausen in loving memory of her mother, Mary Helen Fuoco, supports one or more fellowship(s) for graduate student(s). Preference will be given to female student(s).

Summer Research Fellowships

  • These awards provide summer research support for doctoral students.

Summer Research Assistantships

  • These awards are made possible by external grants held by faculty members. (Note that summer research assistantship recipients are selected by faculty holding external grants, not by the graduate committee.)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

  • The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award is awarded each year to graduate students who contribute significantly to the promotion of diversity, equity, and/or inclusion within the department, the university, or the broader community. This work may be related to, e.g., implementing or promoting inclusive pedagogical practices; creating or sustaining organizations that promote diversity; or engaging underserved groups with math outreach. (Note that the DEI award recipient is selected by the DEI committee.)

In addition to these department awards, there are various awards given by the College of Arts and Sciences and by the Graduate School. More information can be found at the following links: