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Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
What is the runner schedule?

The normal schedule for our student runner to pick up documents and receipts is listed below. 

  •      Monday: 3PM, stops at POT, EES and THM
  •      Tuesday: 3PM, stops at POT and THM
  •      Wednesday: 3PM, stops at POT, THM, and Kastle Hall
  •      Thursday: 3PM, stops at POT, EES and THM
  •      Friday: 3PM, stops at POT and THM

Peterson Service Building and other Locations are frequented as needed.

How do I log into SharePoint? Follow the instructions found here.
When I try to open the Excel Spreadsheet from SharePoint, I'm not able to do so successfully.  Ensure you are logged into SharePoint in Google Chrome. Using other applications may prohibit you from opening documents in SharePoint. 
How do I pay for a restaurant meal?

You can submit a triage ticket here.

My department is hosting a conference, where do I begin? Please follow the guide found here
How do I change my settings in Triage to reduce the amount of email notifications I receive? Follow the instructions found here.
How do I read all my reports? The Business Center has compiled online tutorials that go into explicit step by step detail and instruction on how to read each report.
Which hotels should I use for upcoming events and guests? A list of direct bill hotels used within the college can be found here.
How do I ship something? A&S is contracted with UPS to make shipping from campus quick and easy. Detailed instructions and the shipping form can be found here.