FLIE Chinese

The FLIE/Chinese program aims to help you master Chinese language skills and cultural literacy which, when combined with knowledge in international economics, will prepare you for actively participating in a world of global business, commerce, and industry. Well prepared to become global citizens of the 21st century and make a difference in today’s world, our graduates pursue careers in International Business, International law, Diplomatic Corps, Non-profit organizations, Foreign and Public Service, Tourism, National security, Publishing, Translation, Journalism, and private business. For more information, please contact Dr. Jianjun He at jianjun.he@uky.edu
Chinese Language Curriculum for FLIE Majors
CHI 301: Advanced Intermediate Chinese  (3)
CHI 302: Advanced Intermediate Chinese  (3)
CHI 331: Intro to Chines Culture since 1840  (3)
MCL/SPA 300: Contact Zones (3)
Plus 12 hours drawn from the following list:
CHI 310: Sounds of East Asian Languages (3)
CHI 320: Gender Politics in Chinese Lit. (3)
CHI 321: Intro to Cont. Chinese Film (3)
CHI 322: Self and Society in Chinese Cult. (3)
CHI 323: Chinese Drama (3)
CHI 330: Intro to Chinese culture to 1840 (3)
CHI 333: Chinese Short Stories (3)
CHI 345: Early Chinese Thought (3)
CHI 395: Ind. Study (variable credit)
CHI 401: Advanced Chinese (3)
CHI 402: Advanced Chinese (3)
CHI 430: Pop. Culture in Mod. China (3)
CHI 450: Daoism, East and West (3)
CHI 495G: Advanced Independent Work in Chinese (1-3)
CHI 511: Literary Chinese (3)
CHI 520: Chinese Linguistics (3)
A-H 415G: Top. in Asian Art History* (3)
HIS 355: Non-West. History since 1789* (3)
HIS 597: Uses of the Past in Mod. China (3)
HIS 598: Emergence of Mod. China (3)
A&S 300: Special Top. Course* (3)
MCL 375: Language Study Abroad (1-3)
MCL 376: Cultural Studies Abroad (1-3)
MCL 390 002 Popular Culture in Modern East Asia (3)
MCL 390 003 Traditional Chinese Medicine (3)
MCL 595 The White Snake (3)

*Subtitle required
Other courses as approved by the advisor