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Financial Aid

All of our graduate students are automatically considered for teaching and/or research assistantships

The primary sources of financial support for graduate students in the Department of Psychology are teaching assistantships and research assistantships. A number of nonservice fellowships also are available, and in university-wide competition, psychology students typically fare well. The majority of these fellowships are administered by the Dean of the Graduate School. Detailed information about fellowships as well as teaching and research assistantships is available here.

In addition to these sources of financial support, advanced graduate students are encouraged to teach undergraduate laboratories, and in some instances independent courses. The number of these appointments varies according to the needs of the department and the capability of the student.

In the rare instance when a student cannot be funded via the sources described above, all efforts are made to place him/her in a position outside the department consistent with his/her professional interests and talents. Placements have included research assistantships and traineeships at the University of Kentucky Medical Center; psychological testing positions at local psychiatric facilities and school districts; and teaching assignments in nearby community colleges.

It should be noted that in the past all psychology graduate students in good standing have been fully supported.