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Faculty & Staff Resources

Family & Medical Leave

The policies adopted by the University of Kentucky for the implementation of the Family and Medical Leave Act are contained in the Human Resources Policies & Procedures. Department chairpersons serve an important role in the successful implementation of the act at the university. Chairpersons should refer to the full text in the Administrative Regulations; furthermore, chairpersons are encouraged to discuss all faculty requests for family or medical leave with the Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Dean's Office. 

To request Family Medical or Temporary Disability Leave, faculty members will need to fill out the HR Request for Family and Medical Leave form, and send it to their chair. Note that this form requires a statement and signature from a health care provider. The dates noted by the health care provider will determine the parameters of the temporary disability. The chair should write a short memo to the Associate Dean of Faculty approving the request and forward this and the completed FMLA form to the Associate Dean of Faculty ( The memo should include plans for any courses assigned to the faculty member. In addition, some faculty may continue to advise their own graduate mentees and to serve on graduate student committees while on FMLA or Temporary Disability Leave. If a faculty member does not intend to do so, the chair should also include a plan for how graduate advising needs, including the supervision of the faculty member's graduate advisees' research projects, theses, and dissertations, will be met while the faculty member is on leave. The Associate Dean will approve and forward the package to the Provost's office for approval.  Please see here for more information.