Faculty Teaching Release Policies

Course Buy-Outs

Faculty members may, upon approval of their chair and the dean of the college, use funds from external grants to buy-out some of their teaching.  The buy-out rate per three credit hour course shall be 17 percent of the academic year salary unless the granting agency prohibits this or otherwise has a cap.  The cost of lost instruction, if any, will be charged to salary savings resulting from the grant buy-out.

Faculty can submit a Course Buy-Out Request by submitting this form.

Assignments to External Units to the College

The chair and the dean of the college must approve all administrative assignments of faculty members to units outside of the college.  If a faculty member has an administrative appointment in a unit external to the college, the external unit will be charged a percentage of the faculty member's salary that is based on the proportion of the faculty member's effort to the external unit.  The chair and the dean of the college along with the head of the external unit will mutually agree on the percentage of the administrative assignment.


Teaching Release for Probationary RTS Faculty

Pending a successful third-year progress review, all probationary regular title series faculty appointed in August 2005 and thereafter are eligible for a teaching release in the fourth year of probation.  This release can take the following forms: (1) one semester entirely free from teaching at full pay, (2) one academic year entirely free from teaching at one half pay, or (3) one academic year entirely off from teaching at full pay with one extra course taught in each of the semester immediately prior and the semester immediately following the year off.   Faculty members must work out with the chair of their department which option they choose.  Natural Science and Psychology faculty also have the option to take the teaching release during their first year of probation in order to set up research laboratories.  In addition, faculty members are released from service responsibilities during any semester of a teaching release.  They are required, however, to continue serving on student committees.

The teaching release is offered so that probationary faculty may focus on their research responsibilities in the run-up to tenure review.

Teaching release for probationary RTS faculty is considered as part of the 3rd year review process. Instructions may be found on the progress review and reappointment page


Post-tenure Teaching Release (RTS-faculty)

The College offers a one-course reduction during the third- or fourth-year after tenure to all regular title series associate professors who were promoted from assistant to associate professor at UK, provided that they have provided continuous service since the receipt of tenure.

Please see the Associate Professor time in rank policy for additional informaiton.


Lecturer Periodic Course Reduction Associated with Professional Development Opportunities

As detailed in AR2-9, Lecturer Series faculty employees are eligible to apply for a one-year course reduction, equivalent to six undergraduate credit hours of teaching, after six years of continuous service. The two-course reduction enables Lecturers to devote time to professional development in order to enhance the faculty employee's service to the University. Prior to applying for the Periodic Course Reduction, the Lecturer should first confirm with their Department Chair that they are eligible. In order to apply, the Lecturer should submit a letter detailing the professional development activities they intend to pursue to their Department Chair during the academic year prior to the desired course reduction. The Chair should, in turn, forward this letter with their own approval to the Associate Dean of Faculty for consideration.