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Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty Teaching Release Policies

Teaching Release Guidelines for Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Lecturers are summarized in this document. Faculty wishing to apply should do so using the Teaching Release Form. Please be sure to closely follow all instructions and submit before the annual deadline. Contact the Associate Dean of Faculty with any questions. 

Course Buy-outs

Faculty members may, upon approval of their chair and the dean of the college, use funds from external grants to buy-out some of their teaching.  The buy-out rate per three credit hour course shall be 17 percent of the academic year salary unless the granting agency prohibits this or otherwise has a cap.  The cost of lost instruction, if any, will be charged to salary savings resulting from the grant buy-out.  Faculty can submit a Course Buy-Out Request by submitting this form.

Assignments to External Units to the College

The chair and the dean of the college must approve all administrative assignments of faculty members to units outside of the college.  If a faculty member has an administrative appointment in a unit external to the college, the external unit will be charged a percentage of the faculty member's salary that is based on the proportion of the faculty member's effort to the external unit.  The chair and the dean of the college along with the head of the external unit will mutually agree on the percentage of the administrative assignment.