Graduate Program in Earth Surface Systems

The graduate program in Earth Surface Systems (ESS) includes research and studies in geomorphology, environmental geology, hydrology, landscape ecology, landscape geochemistry, biogeography, climatology, pedology, and environmental management. The program is jointly operated by the Departments of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Geography. Interested students are  encouraged to contact individual Earth Surface System faculty for more information.

How to apply

Students interested in the Earth Surface Systems (ESS) program can apply through either the geography (GEO) or Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) graduate program. Prospective students should explicitly mention interest in the ESS program in their letter of intent, and must be admitted to either the EES or GEO graduate programs.

Whether proceeding through the EES or GEO pathway, all designated ESS faculty can serve as major advisors or committee members. Students must meet all the standard requirements for the graduate program they are enrolled in, with the exception that all graduate courses taught be ESS faculty may be counted for their program.


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