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Give to Protect & Empower

The fight to end violence against women will not be won at the hand of one woman or one man; and it will not be achieved by one advocate, justice or healthcare professional, or by one faculty member. Peace will be achieved when communities come together with one voice that calls out for an end to battering and violence.

A critical way to be part of the community of non-violence is to financially support the work of the Office for Policy Studies on Violence Against Women (OPSVAW). Your support allows us to give abuse survivors access to higher education as a way to lift them out of violence and poverty. Your support allows us to educate graduate students and fund their involvement in research on violence against women. Your support funds policy research and initiatives that place research findings in the hands of advocates and professionals who work every day with Kentucky families. Your support helps us host distinguished lecturers and speakers from across the country, allowing us to educate the campus community and beyond. Funding for named endowed lecture series, training programs for advocates and other professionals, and other projects are also in need of support.Your support makes our work possible.

  • To discuss making a gift to the OPSVAW or learning more about our endowment efforts, contact, Carol E. Jordan, Executive Director at
  • To make a donation securely on-line, contact Laurie DeVore