Professional Development

Professional Development

Definition:  The continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to your profession, job responsibilities, or work environment.  Professional development is a key component of maintaining trained, informed, and motivated employees. 

Because the College of Arts and Sciences views people as our number one resource, we place the highest value in the professional development of the staff.  The College will assist and empower staff members to keep abreast of developments and trends in their area of responsibility and to acquire new skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to one’s area of responsibility or future responsibility.  The College encourages staff to seek out appropriate professional development opportunities and ensures that department budgets are in place to help make this possible. 

A&S organizational culture of PD:

-Budgeted, promoted, encouraged, and supported
-Commitment to provide training and education opportunities
-Communication of UK opportunities
-Stated priority of ensuring continued development of staff
-Hold supervisors accountable for the professional development of their team members

A&S Individual Culture of PD:

-Actively seek out available opportunities
-Discuss with supervisor (goals/follow-up)
-Use available resources
-In partnership with supervisor, formulate a personal development plan with goals and associated activities
*PD framework for professional development activities includes four categories (soft skills, individual skills/goals, technical skills, work unit skills/goals)


College goals for next year:

-Supervisors will discuss professional development goals during the PE process
-Bring workshop/speakers from UK HR or outside of campus to speak (brown bag)
-Highlight staff professional development opportunities in newsletter (Tell their story/experience)
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