Collegiality is important to the College as it promotes a collegial workplace with a focus on investing in people.  The most valuable asset of the College is the staff and the intellectual capital they possess and the culture they create.  The completion of professional work depends on an atmosphere of collegiality.  There will be normal disagreement, but that can be articulated in a professional manner, and should not be personal or disrespectful. 

Collegiality Defined:  Cooperative, civil, and professional interaction among colleagues-represents a reciprocal relationship among colleagues with a commitment to sustain a collaborative, positive, and trusting environment which is critical to the overall success of the College-refers to opportunities for staff members to feel that they belong to a mutually respected community who value each staff member’s contributions to the College, and take collective responsibility for their work together.

Operational Definition-Collegiality is demonstrated by: 

1.       Collaboration among staff and work units
2.       Communicating in a professional and respectful manner toward others
3.       Being proactive in helping colleagues when in need
4.       Following through on professional tasks and deadlines
5.       Respecting the decision making processes of the College
6.       Relationships are constructive, supportive, and professional


A&S examples of activities supporting collegiality:

-Formal and informal staff functions (social and work related)
-Brown bag luncheons
-Night of Creativity
-Event Calendars
-Staff Council/Culture Committee
-Staff Surveys
-Professional Development Day 
-On boarding/Off boarding
-Conference attendance
-Leadership/Management/Specific skill training
-Aspire Program
-Dean All Staff meeting
-Education immersion/cross training

College Goals for next year:

1.       Staff is expected to work well with colleagues and contribute to a collegial atmosphere as well as take responsibility for the behavior of their own staff members
2.       Promote interactive activities and communication among staff both formally and informally
3.       Initiate a staff/faculty working group to acquire feedback and discuss staff and faculty connection 
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