Tech Tips From the Hive

We continue to move forward on our transition to the Office 365 mail system.  Overall, the UK migration is 11% completed, while the college is still just starting out at 3%.  All of the Hive mailboxes were migrated a few weeks ago with only minor disruptions on the morning when the transition was finalized.  We will move on to the rest of A&S soon, migrating only a few departments at a time so that we have time to help address any problems that crop up with access on mobile devices or through Outlook. 

For A&S faculty and staff, we have created a FAQ page under A&S resources to address what we see as the most common concerns for our College:  We have also created some tutorials for making sure your mobile device is ready for Office 365, which you will find on the FAQ page.  If you have any additional questions for yourself or for your faculty, please send them to us:  We will continue updating this page whenever we have new information. 

UKAT also has a website where you can find additional details on the email migration:

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