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We've received a number of requests lately asking for assistance with dealing with SPAM. It seems that there has been a recent uptick in the number of spam messages showing up in all of our inboxes (IT staff included) so it seems like this is a great topic for this installment of tech tips.

This time around we're going to combine two tech tips into one. UKAT has a method by which they prefer SPAM emails be forwarded to them which allows them to very easily block more instances and cut back on the number of possible phishing attacks on campus. We've created a tutorial that shows you how to get this information to them in the correct format. This also gives us an opportunity to show you a really quick and easy way to do this using Outlook quick steps. If you've never used Outlook quick steps they can be a really quick and easy way to automate repetitive tasks that we all do in Outlook every day. We've created a tutorial that helps you create an Outlook quick step to report SPAM to UKIT. Check out this link for the tutorial:

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