I have recently discovered a new website that has a collage of all things on it.  It is called; this site has everything from food to fashion, travel to tech, design to DIY and everything in between.  This site is so great because there is always something different pinned to the site when the page refreshes.  There is always some cute home décor or some delicious looking recipe that you just have to check out.  Then if you really like it you can repin that post to your board.  Pinterest is social media site of only pictures and captions.  There are no posts, no blogs, and no personal profiles—there are simply pictures that are pinned to the site.  It’s a giant always changing site of pictures that are posted and arranged in the same way that a bulletin board might be arranged.  If you are looking for some creative new things to try out or you are just looking for some entertainment, I would suggest checking this site out.

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