Imperfection can still be useful

     I did a project this week using Adobe Connect and taught some of my colleagues about astrology.  Adobe Connect is a platform which enables for many people to have an online conference.  It can be really useful for Online Education in the form of virtual office hours, lectures, or even study sessions.  Many of the professors in our Online Education classes have used it quite successfully and rave about how interactive it made their classes.  Judging from the course evaluations, the students really enjoyed using it too. 

     One important thing that I learned, among other things, while presenting my lesson was that perfection is not needed for online instruction, or any instruction for that matter.  Even though I had rehearsed my presentation a few times, there were still some technical difficulties that occurred which could not be foreseen.  It did not detail the lesson, however, and I was able to recover and finish.  In the end, the lesson went well.

     This just shows that even when minor issues occur, there is no need to stress over it.  As long as the issues can be fixed and the learning resume, learning is not really harmed.  We should not be afraid to try new avenues, such as Online Education and virtual classrooms, just because we fear that there might be some technical issues.  In the end all issues are usually able to be fixed and we even learn more about the technology when we are fixing it in order to prevent future problems.

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