Customer Service

     I recently bought some items from the internet and they came to me damaged due to various shipping problems including it having sat in the post office’s warehouse for a week.  At first I was very worried, thinking that the company would be resistant to help me since it was legitimately the post office’s fault that things had been damaged.  I called them and explained what happened to one of their representatives.  Thankfully, they were exceedingly nice about it and very helpful to me.  Immediately they sent out new products and even overnighted it to me to try and make up for the time I had been waiting.  I was highly impressed by how they handled the situation and it will make me continue to buy things from them.

     This experience speaks to the importance of customer service.  I know in my job within Online Education we try very hard to make sure that our customers, the professors and faculty, are very pleased with all the services we provide to them.  We always want to help them in any way we can and try to find solutions to any problems which arise, no matter who is at fault for it.  This shows that the priority is the customer.  Having had such a good experience with the company from which I ordered and being so pleased that they were so helpful to me has made me rededicate myself to giving the best possible service to all of my customers.

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