A Top-Tier Visit to TiER 1

On Friday, before the scorching Memorial Day Weekend, A&S Hive team members Derek EggersAmelia StevensCarly GermannRuss Caldwell, and myself made a special visit to TiER 1 Performance Solutions in Covington, KY. Almost immediately, the similarities between the culture and workflow of TiER 1 and the HIVE were easy to spot. The HIVE, a fusion of creative and technical services does everything from designing and leading the online education offered by the College to producing video and audio content for all of A&S. Rooted in instructional design, TiER 1 organizes itself into teams (just like the HIVE) to satisfy the needs of their clients.

We spent the day talking with the company's Chief Learning Officer Kevin Moore about the culture and values of TiER 1, as well as learning the steps they take in approaching and solving problems and satisfying clients. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the staff at TiER 1 and hearing their stories about the transistion from higher education to the workplace. It is a change I am currently facing, and their advice was very helpful. I was surprised at how so many of the staff came from diverse backgrounds (occupational psychology, business, instructional design, graphic design) to form a cohesive, functional unit. Once again, this is something that is paralled with the HIVE, as our student workers come from various colleges within UK and bring their own talents, hobbies, and interests to the table.

I look forward to keeping in touch with them going forward, they were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic about their own work as well as what we do at the HIVE. Here are a few photos of us with Chief Learning Officer Kevin Moore, Ed.D. and Monika: