Woah!!! I got ahead of myself...

How terribly rude of me!!! I jumped into the story without giving you character details! I sincerely apologize for rambling to you without telling you who I am. I shall remedy the problem straight away.

Hi All! My name is Marshall Herbst, I am currently a Graduate Student enrolled in the College of Education’s MIC Program at UK. What does MIC stand for you may ask??? Why, it is the Masters with Initial Certification program for secondary education. Basically, it is a one year, intensive, masters program which will provide me with a Masters in Education as well as a Rank 2 teaching certificate in Kentucky. My area of concentration is Social Studies, and my focus is WWII, Classical Greek and Roman history, and Psychology.

I graduated from Hanover College this past May with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History with a Minor in Psychology. But that is not all that I did up at good ole’ HC. While I was an undergrad I was heavily involved in the Theater Department as well. I acted in numerous plays and was one of the department's Lighting Designers as well as Master Electrician (the guy who manages all the lights in a show).  That took up a majority of my time, as theater often does for those involved. In my free time, I also worked in the Admissions Office as a Student Ambassador, where I gave tours, sent out mailings, and a lot of other stuff so that people would come to Hanover. As far as athletics goes, when I went to college I assumed the title of retired athlete, so I did a good amount of intermural sports.  In the Winter and Spring of 2010, I spent five months study abroad in Leuven, Belgium at the Catholic University of Leuven. While I was in Europe I was fortunate enough to travel all over, visiting places like London, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Florence etc.

I grew up right here in Lexington, basically on campus. I attended Henry Clay High School where I was also involved in theater and played Ice Hockey. It is nice to return to the bluegrass to finish up my education. I have bled blue for years, so it is nice to finally attend the institution which I grew up at. I know it promises to be an absolutely wonderful experience! Till next time, cheers!

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