Metaphor for Learning

In my Theories of Learning course (EDP610), we had to come up with our metaphor for learning in 250 words or less. I thought I would share mine and see what you all thought. Do you agree? What would you change in my metaphor? What metaphor comes to mind for you?
Learning is like building a house.  The student is the builder, while the teacher is the foreman.  The builders are in charge of constructing their house, while the foreman can facilitate and oversee, helping along the way.  The foreman may provide the bulk of the material, but the builders may find some along the way that they decide to add in to their own house.  The house starts with a foundation, which is pretty simple, solid, and straightforward, much like the basic skills we have in school (reading, basic math, basic science, etc.).  Then many complex things can be built on top, in any way that the builders may choose.  The builders might find that some ways of structuring material are more conducive to retention, while others might fall away.  The foreman might show the builders some tools for how to create the house, but the builders might also imitate others or use their own ideas for construction. 
Every house also needs to feel like a home.  There may be decorations or certain styles, as well emotions, feelings, tendencies, etc., and these can be considered the soul or personality of the learner.  The builder constantly remodels the home, adding on more rooms as necessary.  This symbolizes the life-long learning that occurs, as students are continuously building up new knowledge. Sometimes new rooms can be added on (assimilation), while other times whole walls need to knocked down to make room for something new (accommodation).
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