Brad's Blurb

Hello A&S Staff,

If you find yourself flying this summer, here are a few air tips I found that might make your vacation travel a little easier. 

                -Always opt for a direct/nonstop flight if possible.                                                       

                -Purchase ticket under the exact name that appears on your ID.

                -Select your seats online as soon as possible.

                -Remove all old flight tags from luggage.

                -Fully charge all your mobile devices the night before travel.

                -If you do not have a direct/nonstop flight, try to arrive in the connecting airport early in the day.

                -If flying out of country, double check foreign document requirements.

                -Use luggage of bright color to quickly identify it on a baggage carousel.

                -Bring your own airline blankets and pillows.

                -Pack your electronics in a single layer so they are easily identifiable to X-ray machines.

                -Do your own bag check before you leave for the airport.

                -Stow your carry-on bag near your seat or in front of you.

                -If you miss a connection, don’t stand in line to rebook.  Call the airline customer service line.

                -If your flight is delayed for a long time, pamper yourself and buy a one-time pass to the airline’s VIP lounge.    

Switching gears to horse racing.  Have you wondered how much money was wagered on this year’s Kentucky Derby?  While not known exactly how much is bet everywhere in the world, there are some estimated figures from U.S. simulcast racetracks, Las Vegas, and on-track Churchill Downs wagers.

North American Racetracks wagers on Derby (Simulcast):   $140 million

Churchill Downs On-Track wagers:  $32.8 million

Las Vegas Sportsbook wagers:  $11 million


Thanks for reading!  Regards, Brad


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