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Alysia Kohlbrand Receives Chellgren Grant to Study the Effects of Small Molecule Inhibitors on Nitric Oxide Synthase

Congratulations to Alysia Kohlbrand who received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from UK’s Chellgren Center. This award will support Alysia to work with Drs. Edith (Phoebe) Glazer and David Heidary in the Chemistry Department, to study the effects of small molecule inhibitors on Nitric Oxide Synthase. These enzymes are used in the body to catalyze the production of nitric oxide (NO), an important signaling molecule which plays a central role in human biology. Using engineered cell lines containing fluorescent tags, Kohlbrand will study the half life of NOS in the presence of inhibitors using live cell confocal microscopy, which is particularly useful for this study because it allows for images to be taken over a long period of time without killing the cells, and creating clear, detailed images.