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Ph.D. Candidate in Statistics
Empirical Likelihood, Survival Analysis
Multidisciplinary Science Building
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Lab: Chem-Phys 225, (Odom Group)
Lab Phone: 859-257-9545
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zxi222's picture
Ph.D. Candidate in Statistics, Research Assistant
334 MDS
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zrma223's picture
Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2016
zko222's picture
Lecturer, Uk Lewis Honors College, Administrator Coal Camp Documentary Project
Lewis Hall 126B
zbco223's picture
Graduate student Chemistry, Teaching assistant CHE-422
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YLI338's picture
Graduate Student in Statistics
MDS 346, 725 Rose St
ylin's picture
Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2015
ych237's picture
Room 11, Kuiper Space Sciences [92], University of Arizona
(270)227-3046, (520)621-2974, http://microscopy.arizona.edu/people/jerry-chang
ysu234's picture
148A, Chemistry-Physics building
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xzh269's picture
xzh249's picture
CP 186
xko223's picture
Ph.D. Candidate in Statistics
MDS 302
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wdshaf0's picture
G26 Center For Applied Energy Research
(859) 257-0300
wmso222's picture
Anthropology USP Student
East Asia, International Relations, Education, Anthropological Linguistics, Globaization
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wlgore2's picture
111E Kastle Hall
wefa223's picture
PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
US history; Civil War Era; Early Republic; religion and politics
1706 Patterson Office Tower
wda227's picture
Graduate Student
POT 1722
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wwe223's picture
Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2016
WAB223's picture
Graduate Student
vssm223's picture
Doctoral Student. Department of Anthropology, Department Assistant, Department of Anthropology, Graduate Assistant, International Studies Program
211 Lafferty Hall
vmi222's picture
PhD Candidate in Anthropology, University of Kentucky
medical anthropology, Reproductive Health, political economy, History, Mexico, Yucatec Maya, global health, Social inequality
ysong4's picture
Center for Applied Energy Research , 2540 Research Park Dr., Lab #2
TCKN222's picture
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Candidate, Advisor: Dr. Charles Carlson, Clinical Psychology Intern at VA Northern California Health Care System
tamo223's picture
2016-2021: NIMH K99/R00, 2014-2016: T32 Postdoc, UNC Chapel Hill, 2013-2014: Intern, Duke University, 2014: PhD, University of Kentucky
ovarian hormones, menstrual cycle, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, suicide, Borderline Personality Disorder
tsmi222's picture
Postdoctoral Instructor
201A Lafferty Hall
twa222's picture
TKO229's picture
tnbo225's picture
Clinical Psychology
cancer survivorship, tobacco use, health disparities
005 Kastle Hall
tegr223's picture
urban geography, Political Ecology, Environmental History, Urban Morphology, Critical Urban Theory, Urban Planning and Design, Historic Preservation, Sustainability and Environmental Change, Urban Agriculture, Urban Metabolism and Infrastructure Networks, Gentrification, Urban Landscapes
822 Patterson Office Tower
(270) 670-6559
trga222's picture
Ph.D. Biology - University of Kentucky, 2014
Regeneration Biology, Developmental Biology, Reproductive Biology


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