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man223's picture
186 Chemistry-physics building
srba223's picture
CP 20
pmbigg2's picture
Doctoral Candidate
Market Environmentalism, Geographies of Financialization, Economic Geography, Social Studies of Finance, Militarism and the Environment
818 Patterson Office Tower
blblan0's picture
PhD Candidate, Research Associate (KTC)
C240B Raymond Building
(859) 257-7504
jabo233's picture
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student; Advisor: Rich Milich, Ph.D., CDART Research Assistant
207B Kastle Hall
sabr226's picture
Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
311 Thomas Hunt Morgan
ych237's picture
hch228's picture
Assistant Professor, Eastern Kentucky University
dsch223's picture
Class of 2016, now an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University
dgco223's picture
Assistant Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo
Affect, Entrepreneurialism, Venture Capital, Work, sexuality, Economic Geography, Space, cultural geography, digital media, gender, Financial Capitalism, Desire, Deleuze
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tamo223's picture
2016-2021: NIMH K99/R00, 2014-2016: T32 Postdoc, UNC Chapel Hill, 2013-2014: Intern, Duke University, 2014: PhD, University of Kentucky
ovarian hormones, menstrual cycle, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, suicide, Borderline Personality Disorder
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emfe222's picture
Graduate Student, WRD Teaching Assistant
Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis (CA), neurogenic communication disorders
1322 Patterson Office Tower
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maforb2's picture
215A TH Morgan Bldg
cega239's picture
kgsh223's picture
Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychopharmacology, Advisor: Dr. Chana K. Akins
Sex Differences in Cocaine Sensitization
012G - Kastle Hall
wlgore2's picture
111E Kastle Hall
sgu246's picture
rkhall3's picture
kbha225's picture
geographies of care, ageing and the life course, feminist geographies, feminist ethics of care, livelihoods, well-being, Sub-Saharan Africa, families and personal relationships, development
off campus
nrha223's picture
M.A., Linguistic Theory and Typology
rshi224's picture
ctho222's picture
Gothic Literature
1002 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-5723
qhuan2's picture
G04 Center for Applied Energy Research
bmhu224's picture
electron microscopy, Rational design of nanomaterials, materials science, in situ
mkhu224's picture
1006 Patterson Office Tower
jaje223's picture
Experimental Psychology Graduate Student (Developmental & Social); Advisor: Dr. Christia Spears Brown
204 Kastle Hall
sjo238's picture
Automotive Catalysis, Heterogenous Catalysis, Emission control, Passive NOx adsorbers
119 CAER
TCKN222's picture
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Candidate, Advisor: Dr. Charles Carlson, Clinical Psychology Intern at VA Northern California Health Care System
kele235's picture
1318 Patterson Office Tower
ylin's picture
Graduate Student
302 TH Morgan Building
KRLY222's picture
Social Psychology Doctoral Candidate; Adivisor: Dr. Jonathan Golding, Center on Drugs and Alcohol Research Graduate Research Assistant; Advisor: Dr. TK Logan, Center for Research on Violence Against Women Graduate Research Fellow
111B Kastle Hall
joma222's picture
Graduate Instructor for WRD/ Master's student of Linguistic Theory & Typology
220 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-4964
blma225's picture
55 physics-chemistry building, CP 20
kma268's picture
General Chemistry TA
ASTeCC 048
zrma223's picture
THM 203
(859) 257-5950
LHi227's picture
Interdisciplinary Program in Education Sciences
338 Dickey Hall
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