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pmbigg2's picture
Doctoral Candidate
Market Environmentalism, Geographies of Financialization, Economic Geography, Social Studies of Finance, Militarism and the Environment
818 Patterson Office Tower
blblan0's picture
PhD Candidate, Research Associate (KTC)
C240B Raymond Building
(859) 257-7504
sgu246's picture
rkhall3's picture
kbha225's picture
geographies of care, ageing and the life course, feminist geographies, feminist ethics of care, livelihoods, well-being, Sub-Saharan Africa, families and personal relationships, development
off campus
nrha223's picture
M.A., Linguistic Theory and Typology
blma225's picture
55 physics-chemistry building, CP 20
jkmobl2's picture
CAER Lab 2 Rm # 112
apo232's picture
PhD Candidate
urban geography, Internet Geography, GIS, Geoweb, Science and Technology Studies, Urban Planning, Space
1422 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6956
adre224's picture
CP 40
wdshaf0's picture
G26 Center For Applied Energy Research
(859) 257-0300
Cesmit5's picture
Postdoctoral Fellow
Cultural and Urban Geography, Critical Geopolitics, Feminist Geopolitics, violence, love, Care
805-A Patterson Office Tower
cwvand3's picture
PhD Candidate
cywall0's picture
Research Scientist
302 Engineering Annex
(859) 257-7527
kye224's picture
PhD Student
migration, borderlands, Central America, Critical Theory, Political Geography, security, Military History
822 Patterson Office Tower
xzh249's picture
CP 186
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