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Reaction Profiling in Unlimited Detail: Applications of Online HPLC

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Dr. Jason Hein

Abstract: Process analytical technology (PAT) plays an essential role in understanding and optimization chemical manufacturing routes by furnishing data-dense reaction profiles. However, each PAT tool presents certain limitations with respect to chemical component resolution, reaction compatibility or useful operational domain. High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) represents one of the most versatile analytical tools available for providing detailed reaction progress analysis. Yet this technology introduces a new set of challenges relating to sample acquisition and preparation, especially when trying to utilize HPLC as a real time analytical technology.

Our lab has developed a comprehensive set of automated tools, which allow nearly any chemical process to be visualized in real time by HPLC. This includes reactions performed under inert atmosphere, systems with heterogenous reagents, and complex competition reactions with many components. The combination of excellent resolving power of UHPLC, coupled to the high dynamic range of standard UV/Vis and MSD detectors has allowed this tool to be broadly deployed. This has allowed complex reactions to be visualized in exceptional details with unprecedented ease. This presentation will discuss several case studies to demonstrate the flexibility and fidelity of this new online HPLC technology. Examples will include studying reaction mechanisms, measuring crystallization processes and deployment as an in-process control for reaction automation.

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