30 Minute Work Intervals

During the first few weeks of my internship, I needed to learn the basics of the company - how it works, the nuances, dynamics, and the office jargon; and how I'd fit and be needed.

Flustered by the amount of information before me, and an ever-building workload, I decided to break up various components of my job into 30-minute segments.

I would sit down and dedicate the first 30 minutes of my time in the morning to checking email, and reading blogs (pertinent to the company, of course!).

Then I would delegate another 30 minutes to reviewing the history of the company.

After that I would work on design - learn programs the company uses and do any sort of design work that they needed done that I was capable of doing.

After each 30-minute period, I would move on to something else.

This technique worked wonders for getting things done!

I was able to return to previous projects for another 30-minute period later, but with different information and insight that I had accumulated from all of my other projects.

I was able to make new connections and retain the information easier.

I didn’t get burnt out on the information that was in front of me because I was constantly moving on to something new. The time limit put in place pushed me to work faster. My days flew by and were very productive.

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